Introduction to our Conservancy

Balgowan Conservancy is the oldest conservancy in South Africa. It was established in 1978 by landowners concerned about decreasing numbers of game and general degradation of the environment. It covers an area of 4000 hectares.

The Conservancy’s mission is to support sustainable resource utilization and to conserve wildlife and habitat for the benefit of present and future generations.

Over the 39 years of its existence, the Conservancy has:

  • Established working relationships with conservation and eco-tourism organisations;
  • Encouraged wetland restoration and started invasive alien plant eradication programmes to benefit residents and to enhance the volume and quality of water flowing into the Midmar dam;
  • Inaugurated the indigenous forest walk in Milestone Forest;
  • Arranged presentations by wildlife and conservation experts;
  • Stimulated active participation by the community through good communication;
  • Supported enviro-lessons in local schools and
  • Developed a comprehensive bird list and conduct an annual game count.